Quality Communities for Army Families

RCI is dedicated to building quality residential communities for Soldiers and their families. To accomplish this requires dedicated support from Government, Industry, and the Congress.

RCI is truly about partnering with the private sector. Our Industry partners' expertise, innovation, and willingness to work collaboratively with us have been keys to RCI's successes to date.

While visiting this website, you will learn about the goals, objectives and RCI accomplishments, the way we conduct business, our current challenges, and our pledge to improve the quality of life for our Soldiers and their families.

Image: Seal of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Environment.

Training Materials


RCI, PAL and Army Owned Housing Training Agenda - 08 September 2014 (53.5 KB)


Day 1 - 15 September

Welcome Remarks.pdf (12.1 KB)

Administrative Information.pdf (26.2 KB)

Top Challenges for RCI, Privatization and Army Housing; PAM Handbook Update; State of the RCI and PAL Portfoilo.pdf (496 KB)

PAM Handbook Version 5.0 Sept 14 Reduced Size.pdf (8.78 MB)

Day 2 - 16 September

RCI PAL and AFH Policy Updates.pdf (4.55 MB)

Legal Open Forum - Plus Handouts.pdf (3.86 MB)

Real Estate Process-Actions.pdf (466 KB)

UPH Projects, Performance and Future Plans.pdf (1.34 MB)

Construction Draws, 2885 Compliance, Quality Review.pdf (691 KB)

RCI Asset Mgmt Team Responsibilities.pdf (50.7 KB)

GFOQ Management.pdf (957 KB)

SES Panel - General Session.pdf (27.2 KB)

Day 3 - 17 September

HSO Support and Relationship with RCI Partners.pdf (149 KB)

Major Decisions, Out-Year Planning, and Modified Scope Planning.pdf (369 KB)

Operating Budget, CRR and Planning.pdf (444 KB)

MSA Reimbursables.pdf (50.5 KB)

Career Program 27.pdf (995 KB)

Inter-Governmental Support Agreements (IGSA).pdf (649 KB)

Garrison Commander Panel.pdf (20.9 KB)

RCI Energy Conservation Program Update.pdf (594 KB)

FSBP 2020 - Part 1.pdf (670 KB)

FSBP 2020 - Part 2.pdf (28 KB)

Q&A Panel With Housing Leaders.pdf (12 KB)

Day 4 - 18 September

Project Budgets and Impacts (BAH Analysis).pdf (67 KB)

Renewable Energy Opportunities and Solutions.pdf (860 KB)

PAL Update.pdf (394 KB)

Challenges with Design Build Contracts.pdf (592 KB)

RCI Reports and Templates.pdf (409 KB)

Social and other Forms of Media - Virtual Housing Experience.pdf (824 KB)

Social and Other Forms of Media - Virtual Housing Experience - Part 2 - Lend Lease.pdf (139 KB)

Social and Other forms of Media - Virtual Housing - Part 3.pdf (85.6 KB)

Finance Session (Understanding a Pro Forma).pdf (113 KB)

eMH and eMH Reporting.pdf (403 KB)

HOMES.mil.pdf (32.1 KB)

BAH Allotment Process.pdf (84 KB)

Resident Satisfaction Survey Update.pdf (355 KB)

Army Only Session - Project Partnership Collaborating and Communications.pdf (17.3 KB)

Closing Remarks.pdf (12.1 KB)